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Life sucks and i suck at it [Feb. 7th, 2007|11:58 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
Ughh i am soo pissed right now i just wanna leave i hate liveing here and i just wanna fuckeing leave i wish i would of graduated so i could of got the hell out of here,Im singel so i cant run away with a guy if i wanted too This sucks!!!@$#@$!#%$#@!!!
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ughhh!!! Deep Breath [Nov. 8th, 2006|06:31 am]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |MY WISH Rascal flatts]

Give it up,People need to GROW THE FUCK UP! What's the point in trying to compete with somebody elese i dont understand it or be jealous?Im just glad i don't have people like that in my life anymore!That's all i have to say about that! Whatever it is that they gotta do to make them selfs feel better by dragging somebody elese down that's the own insacurtity's I think im makeing a little bit of sence laughs i just think it's funny you gotta make me the center of your world! I love that saying because its SOO THE DAMN TRUTH!
Anyway im sick of drama,guy's and girls thinking im a slut and sick of people that havent matured yet!
: )
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........... drinking [Oct. 28th, 2006|11:57 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
I am talking to david and seeing how things go with him "HAPPY FACE"
and this other guy likes me but i dont think it would work out so im just gonna leave it at that
I would like to start off by saying i had everything to do with it
You may think that i lie real well You can tell that i am holding it in Never mind the time or this feeling in your head i can tell my life was changeing fromt he minute i meet you IT and If i ever stop thinking of you id probley chocke on all the words in my head i barry my heart and fall back in my bed...
And what a site that will be yeah....
I will never tell you this but i am scared of falling apart it may seem like im holding it together but the weather is makeing it hard
Never mind the time or this feeling in your head I can tell my life was changeing sence the moment i meet you And if i stop ever thinking about you And what a site that will be all my friends souranding me Just because you made it this far doesnt mean you MAD IT and If i ever stop thinking of you id probley chocke on all the words in my head i barry my heart and fall back in my bed...
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F THIS NOISE NEW JOURNAL : ) [Oct. 23rd, 2006|05:20 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
ITS PartylikaR_STAR

feel free too add me!!
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HMMM MMM [Oct. 22nd, 2006|08:38 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |smack that a** AKON EMINEM=HOT STUFF]

:) ♥ ; )
Ugh i never know what i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS ALL I GUESS
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(*__*) [Oct. 21st, 2006|03:26 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change

11. Only God Knows Why
I've been sittin here
Tryin to find myself
I get behind myself
I need to rewind myself
Lookin for the payback
Listen for the playback
They say that every man bleeds just like me
And I feel like number one
Yet I'm last in line
I watch my youngest son
And it helps to pass the time
I take too many pills it helps to ease the pain
I made a couple of dollar bills, but still I feel the same
Everybody knows my name
They say it way out loud
A lot of folks fuck with me
It's hard to hang out in crowds
I guess that's the price you pay
To be some big shot like I am
Out strecthed hands and one night stands
Still I can't find love

And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around

As it...hey

And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around

People don't know about the things I say and do
They don't understand about the shit that I've been through
It's been so long since I've been home
I've been gone, I've been gone for way too long
Maybe I forgot all things I miss
Oh somehow I know there's more to life than this
I said it too many times
And I still stand firm
You get what you put in
And people get what they deserve
Still I ain't seen mine
No I ain't seen mine
I've been giving just ain't been gettin
I've been walking that there line
So I think I'll keep a walking
With my head held high
I'll keep moving on and only God knows why

Only God
Only God
Only God knows why, why, why, why
Only God...knows...why, why, why
Only God knows why
Take me to the river edge
Take me to the river, hey hey hey

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L-A-M-E- [Oct. 20th, 2006|11:56 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |Im the lucky one Faith hill]

You know what sucks is when you fall.LOL Omg.Im soo pissed i sprained my knee i fed it up prettty bad.Ughh so ive kinda been layin off of it for a while because it hurts to walk! So yeah i cant wait till it get's better so i can get back to playing sports "doin what i do best!" Anyway well nothing really new besides that just lookin for a job and im happy tomarrow is sweetest day Theres a couple guys i am talkin too but i dont wanna relationship i am happy doin what i do I dont know unless i find that one guy who i can hang with and i wont get sick of I am happy bein me self around any one right now i dont care what people think of lol,I will burp whatever if your into me you gotta be in to me for all of me and for all my bad habits LOL If not than go find some other girl that is perfect Anyway like i said though i am happy tomarrow is sweetest day because i dont know I just am lol.
Make sence know But it does to me! ha i dont know this is pretty gay entrey but i am off to go to sleeeep I have stuff to do tomarrow and im posting new pics in my space of me and my and i will post the knee too not like anybody cares but anywho i am off to hopefully go to bed.LATER
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So yeah i havent updated and im borde at the moment [Oct. 18th, 2006|02:57 am]
I am who i am and im not gonna change

Okay so yeah it's been way too long sence the last time i updated so i felt like an update,Anyway Im doing good been thinking alot I was actually i know this is really really just a throw of subject and everyone of you who do read this are probley like WHAT THE FUCK?But i have actually been thinking and thinking really hard about going to the army I dont know i feel like it would be good for me,I am physical enough,I am strong enough to leave me family behind because its not like i dont come home and blah blah blah and i dont get phone calls I just think it be a good thing for me I mean i like to work out,I just don't wanna shoot anybody or i don't wanna end up shot Weird yeah i know but Im all for following all the rules and staying there for a few year's well I have to deffentley get my ged firt and that is gonna be my new years resoultion I am why shouldnt i go to the army just cause some people in my family might diss agree?There are girls that went and there are some people that i know are in there I just think it would be good for me.I was talking it over with my parents and my brother and they said if that's what i wanted than the wouldnt stop me from going,Scottie said you dont nesseseraley have to actually be drafted or have to worrry about shooting someone or have to worrry about you getting shoot at I dont know though im gonna have to look up more information on it befor i go get my ged And really think about it Even if its only four four years or whatever My uncle Tom was in there so maybe i will talk to him My parents also said maybe i should get some input too I am seriosuley thinking about it I mean girls do it so why would it be a crazy idea for me to go ? Anyway yeah so i guess thats what i wanted to update
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I am soo happy i dont know why!? [Sep. 17th, 2006|05:22 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
Okay i have been way way too happy lately I dont even know why,Anyway well ive been looking for a new job putting applications lately I filled one out for shoppers And Walgreens so hopefully they call! HOPEFULLY! I soo need a job other than MCDONALDS! I want to be a stock person or something,I need to get my life going i hate not haveing money also i hate not feeling indapentdant It sucks!I need clothes and soo much more I am 19 i am not 10 any more i just need to forget everything AND GROW THE FUCK UP!I need to start now kay thats all lol i guess i rollerbladed 4 miles 2day: )
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Today a star was born Me!!! lol [Sep. 8th, 2006|05:51 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |Shes in love with the boy ! Trisha yearwood!Love it]

Omg im sooo the happyest girl in the world 106.7 Played my song and said happy birthday Shes in love with the boy!!! I am soo in with the boy too!
And everyone called from my mom side,And i just had a really good day today They people who count in my life cared,And Kathy rach and ian called They are soo awsome! I love them those are about the only people from my dad's side that i love...!!! And maybe Noah a little bit even though he can be stupid sometimes.My brother mom and daddy got me a card,And im leaveing tomarrow to go to a hotel All night rock on baby i am drinking and staying up all night. I am soo loveing everythign right now,You dont need a guy to make you happy you just need the people that care about you in you'r life to be there AND that's All! That put's a smile on my face eveerday and makes life worth liveing. Anyway well i gotta pack for tomarrow Later
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None I guess [Sep. 6th, 2006|11:13 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |We ride Rihanna]

Happy 19TH BDAY TO ME IN TWO DAYS! Well one its allmost midnight. lol
Yah i know im a dork,Anyways ahhh i soo can't wait to be 19 I don't know what i am doing yet Friday for my birthday but i am not going to be here Saturday i am going out and to a hotel So if anyone wants to get ahold of me or something ha ha right none of you even talk to me But get a hold of me Friday if your in need of getting a hold of me.Wow
Life is sooo sooo something. You know people take things to seriousley You should just be glad your alive What the fuck? Its like ughh i just want to knock some sence into people i swar to god. We all arent perfect ughhhhhhh people just annoy me!!! All of us don't go to school some of us learn other ways its just irratates me that those who do go think highley of them selfs Noone should think highley of anything!!! Okay now im not even makeing sence but whatever.
Hmm what elese is on my mind? Ughh we might be moveing im soo happy... I sooo want to move like sooo bad,I want to get out of this neighbor hood like really bad.LOL I soo dont like it here its lame.
Oh and some screwed up stuff is going on with my family but what's new with that all of it is fucked up.

La la la kay im done bitching and typeing
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You ever Wonder?! [Aug. 31st, 2006|05:00 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
You ever here an old cd you have or something random,And remember the times that you used to play it all the time?! I swar i 16 and 17 would have been the BesT year's of my life if somethings didn't happen to me,That is still young no matter what and i was in my first everything there,And now im gonna be 19 and im like damn looking back those would have been are were sapossed to be the best years of my life I guses whare there is something good there's allways something bad. I don't know i just was thinking that i guess.
Well i am listeing to dash board confessional and chillen and talking to some people on line.
Im out for now though .
Amanda Marie
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Been Busy i guess...doing my own stuff [Aug. 30th, 2006|01:00 am]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |maybe he will think befor he cheats Carrie underwood]

Been busy i guess doing my own stuff so i havent updated i think this thing is highley over rated anyways and besides that None of you even read this but i figured i would update for the hell of it Cause i feel like it. I started and i have cramps like a mother lol but other than that I am HAPPY!
I have matured soo much I think cause ive been thrwe soo much that makes you more mature and i can't wait till i can move on with my life and start my own life and just everything I mean i know im only gonna be 19 and i got time I just can't wait to see whare i go and what i can accomplish when i set my mind too it. I am like so mature acting it scares me sometimes Cause i know what i have to do but everything happens for a reason so im just asumeing ill get it sooner or later Fist off im just mautering alot and than ill se whare that takes me! Well i am of to bed and thinking about a speacial guy...
Ill update more later i am sure..
xo xo Manda Marie
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Thoughts [Aug. 26th, 2006|12:12 am]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |The real thing]

I think love is unexplainable I dont think anyone can understand it But all i have to say is I believe in love at first sight now Corney and sounds like a pathetic 16Yrd old or something but its really ture,Because all i know when i see him its like soo heart warming. I smile all the time,I want to be better in everyway now.Weird yeah i know...But i cant stop thinking about him and i dont even know him Yeah i know ive said things about other guys But im not gonna say anything on this one to anybody other than the people i talk to that know,Because i like the feeling that i have now!
I sound like im high or something but im just saying what i feel and he makes me smile soo much with out even him knowing that i like him...
: ) xo xo
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2006|06:31 am]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |I loved her first the country song I dont know who sings it]

Hey hey hey Whadd up Well im just chillen listeing to country cause im a dork like that Anyway I am going to a concert tomarrow night With my brother,One of his friends and my mom and dads friend what fun. So yeah basicley ill be with all guys. Lately i have been listeng to a lot of country lately i am such a nerd laughs But i love it Anyway tomarrow i am going to see Ted nuget wow laughs can we say how lame am i But anyway it should be fun i guess better than sitting at home and i herd he was good anyways. Laughs not as good as a country singer like Kenny chesney or something like that but hey you know. I wanna go see Kenny chesney soo bad i lovers him I love his music and i think i have about every one of his cds!!! My mommy said she is gonna look online tomarrow for his tickets to see when hes comeing here Hopefully by my 19th so i can go around than It would be sweet if it was the day of my bday Hes one of my favorite singers.Anyways yeah im just rambling About country singers but thats all i have been listening too Even when i work out when i rollerblade which today i rollerbladed all the way to my grandmas.Than i came back here and rollerbladed to the tanning place and back : ) yaaa i have been working out alot too anyways im out for now cause i really need some sleep i have to work out tomarrow and than i think we is leaving at like 5 or something tomarrow So eathan and scottie are going too Ill let you all know how it goes to marrow wish me luck cause im going with all guys...Woot woot lol What fun!!!

Later manda
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Hmmp Randomness !!! [Aug. 15th, 2006|03:08 am]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |mix cd : )]

Hey whats shakeing?Not a lot here, Just chillen up in my room i guess listeeng to music talking to a few people on line. Wowa Did you ever have a feeling in your stomake that just wont go away Out of this hole summer ive had the biggest effin smile on my face for absouletley know reason at all?! I dont even know why Well actually i do but im not even going to explain my self to anybody im keeping it in if it kills Me noones gonna know. But the only thing im gonna say is that i am really into this guy And know its not anyone i cant have or something like that or any drama invovled like that LOL Excuse my random effin update but sedona knows and shes the only person thats gonna know anyway Yah well nothing is gonna happen anyways because im soo not gonna be the one to say anything about how i have had the biggest fuckin smile on my face yeah. Anyway well i am out lol so i guess thats it i just felt like writeing a update.

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Ughh I am calling it a night [Aug. 6th, 2006|09:15 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
WoW this weekend felt so long for some reason,Anyway im calling it a night cause i am so fricking tired ughh yawns. I rollerbladed like 6 miles today,and helped my aunt move some funuture around and made some money while doing it,anyway i am getting up tomarrow and rollerbladeing more probally I am gonna start useing the abe machine work out thingie at the gym...
well i am out for now cause i really don thave much elese to say

xo xo
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just hmm? i guess [Aug. 4th, 2006|04:56 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
[music |2pac Master p]

Well i havent updated in a couple of days so i figured i would just make a quick update No body even leaves me comments anyways or adds me! : P Well i have been working out alot,And cleaning nothing really that new. Same old shit different day pretty much, I need to find a new job or go back to school or something,anyway Well i am getting a new perceing tomarrow My parents are actually gonna let me get the minroe perceing im soo happy. My skin is like perfect i can't beleive i convinced them to let me get it but i did and im happy anyway i guess they just finally decided to give up on changeing my mind about it. I dont care about what it will look like as long as i want it and i am going to get it thats it.If i have regrets after words oh well.Anyway well i am off now to go work out for a few i think.Oh yeah and me and paige are sapossed to hang out when she is done with working and school or has a free minute i miss all of my old friends i havent seen in for ever.Anyway i am really off now cause my hands hurt from typeing.

l a t e r
A M A N D A--- M A R I E ---
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THIS HEAT IS INSANELEY HOT [Jul. 31st, 2006|07:33 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
Oh my gosh This heat is insaneley hot,I swar you could get heat stroke for real.Well my dumb ass Got up this morening,Cleaned the house.Then i did'nt think i would be that hot walking because i had a wife beater on and capries But boy was i wrong I walked all the way from here to 12 mile and damn it was fucking hot as hell out. Never am i gonna work out when its this hot agian.Fuck that shit i learned my lesson I will stay my ass in the air and in the house. Well i didnt do nothing elese and im hot and tired and i have cramps all in one so yeah this is fun as hell,Well i am off here for now cause i dont have that much to say.

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Cant i just die... ?! please [Jul. 30th, 2006|06:30 pm]
I am who i am and im not gonna change
i promise noone will care,I just got home...
But n e way i hate this I want to much and care to much for everyone elese And i need to get my shit together and im going to fuck pushing it off,Im gonna get a job And keep it And like it And save up for a car and grow the fuck up Because i will be 19 and i cant take sitting around With no car.
I am soo fusterated right now,Today i didnt do much just went to dennys shope Got on his computer to change my song and stuff He was talking bout saveing a car for me,He is soo cool He has two kids that are in there 20s His sun is cute too.Anyway well i am off i think to go do something.
My song is
And i now you may be scared and i know your unprepared but i dont care
Tell Tell me what makes you think that your invisable i can see it in your eyes your soo sure
Slow down girl your not going anywhare Just wait around n see Maybe im much more You never know what lies ahead i promise i can be anyone i can be anything Just because you were hurt doesnt mean you cant breath I promise i can be what you need Tell Tell me what makes you think that you are invisable i can see it in your eyes that your so sure
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